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Summer Internship - Improvement of existing nitrophosphate fertilizer process

About the Unit

The P/NPK Department at Yara Technology Centre in Porsgrunn is supporting Yara’s fertilizer plants around the world and do a range of innovation and R&D projects to support Yara’s growth strategy. The P/NPK Department operates small scale laboratory units, analytical instruments and pilot plants. We participate in plant trials to improve fertilizer processes and products.

You will have the opportunity to work with a team of highly dynamic, multinational and skilled people in a growth environment. 



You will carry out work related to technical support or innovation in the nitrophosphate fertilizer process. The work will be connected to ongoing projects in the P/NPK department. Areas of work could be emission reduction, process safety or new raw material sources.

Responsibilities could be:

  • Literature review
  • Method development, laboratory tests and analyses
  • Process descriptions and calculations
  • Reporting and presentation in English


  • Student on his/her way to a master degree in chemistry, chemical engineering, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry or process chemistry. Preferably you should be heading towards the last or the second last year of the master degree
  • Practical experience with safe working in laboratory is an advantage
  • We are looking for a person that is self-driven, responsible and able to communicate in a diverse working environment
  • Fluent in English

Additional Information

Working period from the middle of June for a duration of 8 weeks.

The Summer Interships will be based in Porsgrunn, Norway